Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Guest host on Online Internet Poetry Show

Hey Bunnies,

Yes, the guests will be older than the kids in the picture. Three of which are related to me.

Most of you know I listen to a live internet poetry show each week on BlogTalkRadio.
I've been invited to be a guest co-host for the night. Before you get all impressed, he asks a different poet each week but I'm happy anyway.

It pays no money, give me no fame, but I do get to comment on all the open mike poetry readings. You don't have to sign up to listen. You can listen by just having a computer with sound. Don't have a computer with sound? You can also call or Skype in. Skype is free.


I find spoken word poetry to be different from poetry written for the page. I'm learning to listen more to how my words sound as opposed to how they appear in my head or on the page.

If you want to read one of your poems, just call or Skype in. You'll be put on a call list and when it's your turn, you'll get to read and talk about your poem.

Great exposure.

Usually about 30 to 40 participating listeners to the show. And there are several call ins that are never listed.

Show starts at 8pm EST. It ends after 10:30pm sometime.



  1. I'll be sure to listen in.


  2. I'm noticing spoken poetry too. It makes a big difference to hear your own work read aloud - bigger than when you read it yourself.

    Hope you had fun. :-)

    - Corra

    the victorian heroine

  3. How exciting - do let us know all about it. Cute photo by the way.

  4. It was fun. The spoken poetry is VERy different from the poems written for the page. Interesting.

    The show is recorded. I can send you the ink.

    One warning though---I read the dirtiest poem I ever wrote on the show. Forcing myself out of my boxes but its nothing like what I normally write and may offend those that do not like sexual content poems.


  5. Well how did it go? Was it as much fun as it sounded?

  6. It was fun. I wish now I hadn't read the forward poem but hindsight is always 20/20.