Tuesday, February 15, 2011

which version?

Which color scheme?


  1. I like the one on the right with a bit more darker tones to the image. The first one makes it hard for someone to read the title. The colour of the author's name on the left page should be used for the right page.The word "At" still is hard to see though where it is.

  2. Hi Tirzah,

    I like the one on the left (the slightly brighter image). I do like the wings! But I'm wondering if they could be ever-so-slightly muted too (like the rest of the figures and gate). Sort of slightly out-of-focus. I agree with Mindy about the word "At". It does get lost in the light. I like the white (cold) tone to the title, but it does disappear in the image. Is it possible to see what the title would look like if you bronzed it? Or gilded it? Or maybe use a gold or blue or black outline? Overall, I think the brighter color coordinates best with the first book's cover--bright colors. Red hot to white ice. You totally rock, you know! :D

  3. Hey Tirzah, From my point of view, that of a color identifying challenged old man, I like the right side version but with the author's name in the blue from the left. And I think the angels should be bigger and showing some cleavage. Okay. Someday when I grow up I'll have you design a cover for one of my books 'cause you actually do, as another author has noted, rock. Big time.

  4. CN--Yes, the font is killing me. I'm looking for a way around it. I can change up the author name, no problem. The wings in shadow---you didn't like it, you couldn't see it distinctly enough. It's going to be a either or, I think. I an try to darken them a bit but then they will be almost non-seeable. You want me to post the shadow wings up again?

    Jim--you get boobs I promise when i do a cover for you.

    YEah. Mmmm. A blend of the two then, with a different FONT again.