Sunday, May 1, 2011

This Time You Lose Mock covers



  1. I love the covers. I'm not sure which is better though. The second one looks better (more scary) but it also looks more like a horror film (doesn't represent the novel's plot. Whereas the first one matches the story line more but I don't like it as much. What about something with a broken toy. They are held up in a daycare, right? The man in the first photo could be standing on a doll's head?

  2. Yeah, I may go back and do a toy one too. :)

    I also have the girl one without the blood which makes it less gory.


    The man/window is a bit generic. I tried to spice it up with coloring but its blah. But the author liked the idea of a man in the window and it isn't bad just a bit boring.