Sunday, May 9, 2010


I'm sitting here in a living room that would disgust a drunken frat boy and I can't bring myself to clean. I know it would probably be easier if I cleaned a bit each day instead of letting it become a trash dump but blah, who wants to clean every day?

Not me.

I've always been a slob. I'm not proud of it.

I leave my shoes in the floor. I never hang my clothes up. I open a box and leave the box in the living room floor for six months.

That's me.

What I'm hoping for is a happy medium between prissy cleanliness and a place the health department would condemn.

Perhaps I can tie sponges to the dog?

I figure there is more hope for the dog learning to scrub the floor than me winning the lottery and hiring 30 maids to come in each week to shovel a path for me.

Why can't cleaning be fun?

Or just quick?



  1. Move to Mexico. I have a maid come in for $20 a week.


  2. Neither fun nor quick but I NEED to do it.

  3. Funny picture!

    NO matter how much I deny it, I am a huge slob too.

  4. Ha ha, one post, three comments, all from females. Even PW NEEDs to do it, therefore it's in a perpetual state, right?

    Me, I have 8 cats, and unlike dogs they don't tolerate dirt and disorder, anyway I'm British. Say no more.

  5. I hate cleaning. I once tried to clean every dish I used immediately after I used it, but it just didn't suit me so I ditched that idea after one day. I have no advice, no guidance for you. But I'm happy someone else is a slob and likes to write.