Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Angels Are Creepy

It's true. I find angels, angel representations to be creepy. Exorcist creepy. Ten foot cockroach creepy.

People blather on about how sweet angels are, how angels are guardians, how angels watch over them.

The truth is that if you are truly religious, you know that a large sect of angels are soldiers who don't like humans very much. Hence the whole fallen angel thing.

Angels in religious folklore smited the great diety's enemies, destroyed cities and lived their life with a sword in hand and one wing dipped in blood.

They are not the sweet, chubby angels from 'It's a Wonderful Life'. They are Lucifer without the sex life.

They are soldiers without free will. They serve and do as they are ordered. Humans were gifted with freewill. They don't like us much.

It makes me glad that I am not by definition a religious person. I believe there is something bigger than myself at work in the world, I just don't know what it is or if it is organized.

I don't believe in churches, religion or hatred by doctrine.

But if there were angels in the world, they'd scare me shitless because those things are not human. They are beautiful monsters who wait only to be directed to destroy us.

Just a thought


  1. Wow, then working on my pieces was disturbing for you? My angels were warriors, but still... Sorry, Tirzah. You should have said something.


  2. Oh no, I don't mind working on your covers. Yours are always interesting. I just don't understand the idea that angels are these sweet little cherubs wanting to make our lives better.

    I think if Angels existed in real life they'd be creepy dangerous things worse than the mythical vampire.


  3. If angels actively dislike humans, aren't they displaying free will?

  4. They dislike us but cannot act on that dislike. According to mythology/legend/religous doctrine, Angels cannot do anything but obey their diety. An attempt to disobey will have them cast out and shunned. The loss of their 'heavan' drives them half-mad and they make a hell below the Earth.

    So in essence, an angel may dislike humans but he can never act on it.

    Where humans can curse God, flout holy rules...ectera while on Earth with little to know blow back.

    And if they say they are sorry before they die, they get a clean slate.

    Angels---if they object, get punished and cast out.

    Ah---this is why I am never allowed to speak to ministers.

    Free Will is to be able to act on your impulses good or bad.

    Angels have the impulses but God can override them with his will. As they are described they are 'god's will on Earth'. They are a tool.

    See such an interesting discussion.


  5. I love your take on angelic mythology. Thought: if capable of free thought but not of freewill, are angels capable of conscience? If not conscience by human standards, would they have their own? Would, for instance, the angel tasked with killing the first born son of every house in Egypt have felt guilt?

    I'm an atheist but it's an interesting philosophical question. :)