Sunday, June 12, 2011

Digital Painting

Okay I'm a terrible painter but I do love color. I found this new digital painter and I couldn't resist painting.




  1. I love to be the first "in everything."

    Along with practicing 'what I have been taught' about using blogs, from Tirzah, I now have a chance to comment on her work!

    Your art work is INTERESTING. I like the EYE. I don't want to buy it, but I do like it. More?

  2. I am a terrible hand artist. LOL. And I know it but I love color. I may drag out the digital painter again. I did a bunch of digital wall paintings a few weeks ago. Look at the digital pink roses. I think they are more your taste. :)



    Try these instead.

    Just click on teh picture to see them bigger. ;) Pink Roses.

  4. Hi
    I'll try clicking on to make it bigger but I don't want to wreck anything. God! My computer is scapping with me clear the cach and cookies on my browers. What!
    Anyway, I'll give the rose a try for bigger, easier than trying to find my illusive cookies! Irene