Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ms. U's Class Covers 1-13

Ms. U's class completed NANO this year. I'm creating a book cover for each student. I'm including the book cover and the blurb of the book.

To see the second half of the covers, click the link below:

Covers 14 Through 31

COVERS 1 through 14

Book Blurb: Tahoma lives with her mother and younger sister in a jungle/forest/savannah about 100 years in the future. Her sister becomes ill and must go to the city for a cure. Mother doesn’t allow it, so Tahoma sneaks off with the help of her cousin and a man she learns is her father, gets the medicine and comes home.

BOOK BLURB: Skye, her cousin, and her friend want to find a magical bracelet that was stolen from the friend. Then they try to steal it back. The thief gives it back and later the friends find out why.

Book Blurb: Yumi wants to find her long lost brother who has been hypnotized to follow Akuma’s orders.

Book Blurb: The boy's family is killed, and all the people in L.A. he and a friend search for the murderer. In the process, they acquire dragons to help them.

Book Blurb: Danny wants to collect forest ingredients to give his mother life, but the evil overlord shows up with his son. Can he save her?

Book Blurb: Nico has to retrieve the black stone of eternity or else...

Book Blurb: Dominic wants to save his grandpa’s life by getting the Emerald of Life. Dragons guard it, but he and his friend defeat them and make grandpa healthy.

Book Blurb: Toshiro wants to gain great honor but he doesn’t want his friends to die in Chin Ling’s trap.

Book blurb: Rei moves from Japan to San Francisco and meets Lani, a beautiful girl trapped in a curse, and Saeko, a boy who can change into a cat. They go on a quest to free Lani.

Blurb: Nick wanted to be the best wizard ever, but kept getting attacked by another boy during training. Later he discovers that boy is his brother and they are reunited.

Blurb: Macy’s father dies and she moves to her grandparent’s and a new school. Another girl sabotages Macy’s part in a play by putting pepper in her water so she can’t sing.

Book Blurb: Eliza finds a letter in her grandmother’s attic that sends her on a quest to save her town from an evil overlord who has cursed it. She discovers the overlord is her long lost father.

Blurb: She wants to save her brother, but Frankie was in her way. A wind spirit helps her make the right choices.

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