Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thinking about Xmas---and not buying gifts

Yeah I know it's Xmas. So?

It's almost the holiday season and no matter what secular or religious following you are a member of, you're probably going to have to Christmas shop (or Holiday shop depending on where you are).

I think this year, we should call off the shopping. I think we should shop in our houses instead.

I have lots of 'junk', I'd love to relocate. I have that brand new water purifyer I have never used and entire box of fruit scented soaps (they smell great but hey I'm allergic). Why can't we all agree to gift from our closets rather than our wallets?

Anyone want my DVD of Music and Lyrics? I love that movie. Yeah I have a weakness for all things Drew Barrymore. Sigh.

And think if your kids exchanged their toys for their cousins toys? Nirvana.

And we'd all cut our Christmas costs in half.

Hmm...I do admit I'm cheap but honestly how many of you actually get things you'd use for Christmas? I rarely do. I say let's cut out the middle man. I'll give you my junk I think you'll like and you give me your junk you think I'd like.

And Edie, I know about your entire closet full of discarded throw pillows. Time to start wrapping the fluff. :) I want the pasha blue ones with the shiny gold stitches.

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