Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gee-Gee the Wonder Dog

I have a foster puppy. This is Gee-Gee. No I didn't name her and that name is silly, she sounds like a poodle.

Gee-Gee is always hungry. She is always ready play, my poor male dog is very tired of this. He has a 15 hour nap he's trying to get in today.

And I've not convinced her yet that one should not chew first and ask questions later.

I forgot how much work puppies were.

However, she's getting housebreaking quickly. She's getting barking too. She didn't bark when she first moved in, she figured that out fairly quickly.




  1. I agree what a silly name. We have often thought about being a foster parent to dogs/cats but I'm worried I'll grow too attached. Do you find that a problem?

  2. Depends on the dog. Some you are happy to see go, others you are tempted to keep for yourself.

    I try to think of it as pet-sitting. I mean if you pet sit your brother's labrador would you cry when he went home?

    My only caution is to pick a rescue that lets you meet the adopting person or family. Occasionally, I've veto'd an adoption because they were a bad fit for the particular dog.

    I once had a beagle mix puppy that was dumb as she was pretty. At 7 months, she would still have accidents. Plus, she got hysterical in loud crowds. The family that wanted to adopt her had three kids under six. This was not a typical beagle, she was nervous, insecure and needed a quieter home with a person with dog experience and time to work with her.

    I said no and steered them to a different beagle. He was less pretty but had a much better personality for kids. Some rescues don't give the foster input on who adopts.

    Overall I like it. Most are really good dogs. Except a few accidents, a few nights with a barker in a crate, and at least one who needs medication.