Saturday, April 24, 2010


I never take photographs, not even on trips. I do this for a lot of reasons. I find that if I'm taking pictures, I'm looking for angles, trying to get a good shot, I just don't enjoy the trip.

If you are enjoying the trip, you'll remember the mountain, the tilting narrow road, the lady in the 'Asstastic' t-shirt.

I don't take pictures of family and kids because people change and you shouldn't hold onto perceptions of them. I mean it's cute to see a picture of your niece when she's three but do you need a hundred different photos of that age? Not really. And their parents take photos, I don't need to.

I have a couple pictures of my dogs. Mostly taken by other people. :-)

It's not that I don't like artistic photos or cute photos, I'm just not interested in taking them. Have you ever seen someone's trip photos? A hundred pics of nothing in particular.

I love art photos when there's a story in the picture.

I like photos with lively color.

But regular ole snap it at the BBQ picture? I don't see the point. And I hate being in photos. Yet no one ever respects my right to refuse to be photoed. Most take it as a laughing challenge to take as many snaps of me as they can. THose people I usually don't speak to again.

When you ask someone politely not to do something and they take great pleasure in making you miserable, you should avoid those people. They have no respect for you.

I'm grumpy today.

Sorry the post doesn't have any humor. I'm just not feeling humorous.


  1. I get the whole - "Dont photo me thing"...Sometimes I am okay with it, but other times it find it intrusive if I am not feeling the photo vibe. Sorry you are grumpy - but at your grumpiest, I find I still always enjoy your writing. Your honesty is welcoming...Hope all is well!

  2. I remember someone that I knew that HATED getting his picture taken. Just for that reason I took his picture (by surprise) all the time!

  3. Yeah, I actually punched a friend for that once, Mayhem when I was a teenager. One of the few people i've ever hit. I don't believe in violence but they would not listen. I'm dead serious when i say do not photograph me. I don't walk up to you and pull your pants down so you don't photo me. Seems fair.

    Tony, someone who understands. I hate little pieces of me out in the world. I'm weird, aren't i? LOL.

  4. I left an award for you on my blog!

  5. I am with you on the whole don't photograph me thing..

    I hate it. And have done some extreme things to avoid being in pics in the past.

    Including volunteering to be the photographer at every occasion because at least I am behind the camera not in front of it.... ;)

  6. It's the memories which matter most. You can't capture them with a camera, but you can remember them well simply by thinking about them.. especially the good, sweet ones.

    PS. your dog is a cutie.

  7. Not very photographic myself, the only photos of me are ones where people have caught me unaware. I also don't take photos, too many feet and not enough heads. That said, I love photographs and love looking at other peoples holiday/wedding/
    whatever snaps - not that anyone belives this.

  8. I know what you mean about just enjoying the trip. Stopping every two seconds to take a pic, just spoils the flow of the day. And you can never really capture the essence of something.

    I once saw the most beautiful moon. It was stunning. Took a picture of it and it looked like a little blob in the photo. Not impressive at all.

    I also hate having photos taken. I have developed a photo 'look' which I adopt when I have to. So I end up looking the same in most photos, as if my face is stuck in one expression ;-$

    But I do appreciate the beauty of a decent photo. Some really are works of art. I guess we all have our own talents.

  9. “Have you ever seen someone's trip photos? A hundred pics of nothing in particular.” Great point! I do like taking pictures- as long as I’m not in them, I got no problem but I hate those pictures that doesn’t have any significant importance… Makes me feel like that moment is captured forever and if something is meant to last that long, it should represent something significant…
    But I am guilty of taking a million pictures of my dogs- somehow their photos never comes out meaningless :)

  10. I got a new camera once. My family and I went to the zoo. I took pictures of everything, and I missed out on so many cool things. I mean, the pictures are cool but, the problem is I missed a bunch of stuff and didn't really get to enjoy myself.

    Moral of that? I will never do that again. And I havent.

    I learned the horror of someone having hundreds of pictures of nothing when my sister came back from this trip to Vanuata. SHe had about a million pictures and was so excited over each one. I wanted to die.