Friday, March 19, 2010

Is Moob a Word?

Is moob a word?

Yes, I know it's not in the dictionary, I checked. It's not even in the Urban Dictionary which is just sad. I may have to make a Wiki entry to satisfy myself about the word 'moob'.

I ask if moob is a word because, among my friends, most of us know what a moob is. Those people that don't know what a moob is, can usually figure it out from the usage.

What is a moob?

Function: noun

1) defined as the fleshy protuberances that resemble breasts on a male person. A slang word for breast is boob. So a moob is a man boob.

2) defined as a useless fleshy male who has no higher purpose.

Sentence: Bill's moobs jiggled as he mowed the lawn.

Sentence: The big moob just sits in his recliner and scratches himself.

Now, I'm not judging moob men. If I were a man, I'd probably have moobs. One never knows what hormonal imbalance, tragic genetic pre-disposition, or life style choice will cause moobs. It is no one's fault.

But is moob a word?

I can use it in casual conversation and be understood by 50% of people I meet. Probably about the same amount that will know what ubiquitous means. Ubiquitous is in the dictionary, by the way.

When does a word become a word?

Ain't now shows up in the dictionary but none of my language friends are bouncing that one around at lunch. It's like a swear word for grammar instructors. They probably scream 'ain't' when they wreck their cars instead of 'damn'.

I can hear it now.

"Ain't, ain't ,ain't I wrecked the car." ...LOL.

So how does moob become a word?

I'm not sure but I'm starting a viral campaign to get the moobs in charge of the dictionary to add this word in.

Will you accept moob into your lexicon?

Pretty please?

You mission this week (if you choose to accept it) is to use the word 'moob' in general conversation. If the word moob offends you or if you lead an all female life, then pick another almost word.

Oh, and list your other almost words and definitions in the comments. I'd love to know what words you are using in your life that aren't in the dictionary.

One last thing before I go....MOOB.



  1. It hasn't been that long since I've had teenagers in the house, and I was exposed to the new slang. Ginormous is a recent slang combination word I have actually used. But I hate when celebrity names are combined or the labels like "Octomom".

  2. Yes thinks like TomKat is annoying. Really. They can't use both names? REALLY? lol.

  3. I didn't know what a moob was 'til I read this, but it makes perfect sense from the boob/woman and moob/man angle.

    I like it as an uncomplimentary term. :)

  4. Dude, I make up words all the time. I like it. Keeps life interesting. So I say if you know what it means and other people do too, it's a word!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog today. =)

  5. HI Joy,

    I debated about using moobs for this post because it's not a really positive word but then I'd be obsessed with this word for days. LOL.

    Wondering is a moob a moob?



  6. Hi Elana,

    I read your blog occasionally but I rarely comment, just now and then.

    LOL...I do find it interesting though even though I'm not a YA writer.

    Yeah, I vote for moob. Should be in Webster's anyday, right? Right.


  7. Moob should totally be a word.
    In Drake & Josh it is.
    Hahahha, haven't watched that show in suchhhh a long time.
    Love, Malou.

  8. Hehe. I know this word and have used it for ages. It's funny.

    I liked it when an Italian guy worked at my last job and I told him to be 'gay' meant to be very happy. In the morning, I'd ask him if he was having a 'gay day' and he'd reply, 'yes, I'm very gay today'.

    Words are great. My daughter often thinks up new ones. One of them is 'Moo', short for matter of opinion.

    When you've added an entry in Wiki, let us all know :)

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  10. If 'banoffee' is a word then 'moob' is for sure. No worse worse sight than a pierced moob IMO

  11. I hadn't heard moob til I read this, Tirz. I asked my 23 year old son, and he scoffed, "that's not new." So apparently I'm not as cool as when I pulled up to the high school in my convertible Mustang, top down and Fleetwood Mac blaring.

  12. Just because the dictionary folks don't like it doesn't make it any less of a word. I knew what you meant without an explanation so it works! Moob, moob, moob, yeah!

  13. Yeah, I keep wondering though what does it take for a word to be accepted.

    They pierce moobs? HOw strange. LOL.

    I had a 23 year old the other day ask me what incendiary meant. I'm not sure you can trust Of course, this same person who thought Hitler was Dutch.

    What can you do?


  14. To be politically correct shouldn't the tv be called the Boob/Moob Tube?

  15. I love new words. I don't really love moobs, but I agree with you, we're not always in control of our bodies. The word itself is ginormous. So.