Monday, March 8, 2010

Secondhand Fat (Opinion)

I read this idiotic article by Reuters about how there should be an 18% 'sin' tax on pizza and soda because these items make people fat.

While I think this article is idiotic because there are so many things that cause people to be fat that singling out these two food items will do nothing but create money for the government.

What I truly found offensive were the comments below the article. I'm overweight. A few years ago I worked really hard, made myself miserable and lost 98 pounds. I finally decided it wasn't worth the work. I gained part of that weight back. I'm okay with it.

I am tired of people calling me names because I'm overweight. I have perfect sugar levels, extremely low cholesterol, and normal blood pressure. I wonder at those who sneer at my weight are at least that healthy?

I do have some back pain but I had it when I was thin as well. And all the exercise aggravated it. It hasn't bothered me since I cut back on the exercise. So should I exercise more and embrace the pain?

And I'm offended so many people think I should be taxed by my weight. Or the bigger idiots who think I should pay more for my health care. I'm not sickly. I'm fat. My heart is good, I'm not diabetic.

I have allergies. I doubt losing forty pounds will cure that.

People don't get secondhand fat so why don't you go away and leave me alone. I'm not hurting you.

You don't have to sleep with me, eat what I eat, or share in my calories. I'm sick to DEATH of the so-called obesity epidemic. The truth is I don't care. I've so many other things that are important to me that my weight isn't even on the top ten list.

It seems that my weight is all that people care about. It doesn't matter than I'm a good person. It doesn't matter that I rescue abandoned animals. It doesn't matter that I'm a really good writer. It doesn't matter that I was a Big Sister in the Big Sister program.

It doesn't matter that I'm an excellent friend.

All that seems to matter is that I'm fat.

I hate that who I am doesn't matter to anyone. All that matters is what I weigh. Because I'm fat, I have to be ten times better just be considered okay. Because I'm fat, I'll always be labeled as lazy. Because I'm fat, I'll always be labeled as romantically unwanted.

But just because I'm fat doesn't make me any less of a person.

And if this country tries to tax me for being fat, I swear I'll pack up and move somewhere else. I should be judged on WHO I am and not what I WEIGH.


  1. I think they would be in a better place if they found a way to tax stupid. It is more prolific, contagious, and damaging. Nice post as always.

  2. Well, the healthy food is getting more expensive by the moment. Fast food and junk food are cheap and over marketed, so it is becoming the staple of the American diet, even more so as salaries go down and jobs disappear. If they tax the junk food to make it more expensive, maybe we'll all lose weight because we won't be able to afford to eat!


  3. A woman after my own heart. I read an article in which this journalist went one stop further saying that just as smokers were banned from smoking in restaurants, 'porkers' should be banned from eating in them. It makes my blood boll ..... aaagghh!

  4. I like that Tony - a tax for stupid :)

    I hear you on this Tirzah. Why don't people take care of their own lives and let other people live in peace?

    If we all spent time fixing up our own defects that wouldn't be enough time in the day to think about what other people are doing? Judging others is just avoiding yourself. I can't judge anyone, I'm way too flawed.

    Fat, thin, smoker, non-smoker, hippy, capitalist, whatever! Live and let live.

  5. Add me to the vote for Tony crew.

    Can't we have a moron tax. Worldwide.

  6. Stereotypes. How I hate 'em! People judge left, right and center without a thought.
    I vote for the moron tax!

  7. Dear Tirzah,

    I loved your note that you put on my blog. You have a real sophisticated and empathetic attitude.
    At first, my ego was so bruised that all I could think was, "I'm doing this nice thing for you and you are so negative and unappreciative and un-realistic!" Of course, I rarely have the presence of mind to say those things. I was just aghast when my boy said, "Fuck My Life!" I just said nothing.

    Thank goodness.

    If there is one thing that I hope to develop is the ability to look at life from all perspectives.

    Your post about skinny tax or fat tax or sin tax or whatever they want to call it is all about that.


    I hope that I personally develop skills to be more tolerant of all perspectives (including my grumpy kids.)

    Warmest Regards,

    Denise Burks