Saturday, March 6, 2010

Plum Crazy, the never ending novel

I finally posted Chapter 10 of Plum Crazy on my workshop site. When I finish this book, I promise never to start a new one. I am not a novel writing girl, I've learned this the hard way.

I am not a long distance writer. Short stories and poetry are my forte.

But I've committed now and I will finish even if it kills me and it may.

I love writing but I don't have the patience for a long drawn out project. I like finishing and moving onto something else. I guess I have writer's ADD. But if I hadn't tried it, I'd have always wondered if I could.

And that's what Plum is to me. Plum Crazy is going to prove to me that I can finish a project. It may not be the best novel in the world but it is going to be a finished one.

I've tried setting schedules and I just break them. I get paralyzed by reviews. But if no one reads, I get frustrated by the lack of feedback.

I'm nuts.

Anyway, this my novel update.



  1. When did you post it? I will go and look for it.


  2. Today but I'm so frustrated with it. I feel like I'm walking up water. I'm not sure of what I'm doing and I think that shows.

  3. I haven't read it but I'm sure it's great. :) Where can I read it? I'm confused. :P
    Love, Malou

  4. Me to, I can't seem to find any other mention of this. Details/a link please.

  5. It's on my workshop site, I think that's the only place. You wouldn't be able to access it unless you were a member of TNBW. If I put it on the blog, then it becomes unpublishable.

    I hope to publish it someday.

    If you want to read some of it, I'd be glad to email it.

    TNBW is is a non-public workshop site. It's a great place to read the novels of tomorrow. I'm just posting the novel update to myself.

  6. I believe I saw it on the front page. Geez, I keep starting stuff and not getting back to reading them.

    So even if you looked at writing a novel as a series of connected chapters it wouldn't work?

  7. I can relate with liking to work on something, finish it, and then move onto something else.

    But I am sure that you will do very well, even though I haven't had the opportunity to read it. And I sincerely admire your perseverance and think that you will be happy in the end.

    Never say never - you just may change your mind :)