Sunday, July 24, 2011

Death in the Grass-- Digital Painting

You know I love my digital painter. And yes, I've been painting again. Although the ghosts of Monet and Van Gogh beg me to stop. I have no real talent for painting. I loved my oil painting classes even though my instructor made all those put upon sighs as I painted. With the digital painter, I can embrace my badness and still get a thrill out of it.

This one is a bit darker than the others. I was thinking of those murder books I read. This is called "Death in the Grass". :) Yes, I know I should stick with writing.

But I'm having fun. :)


  1. This could even be a psychedelic Christmas scene, you know the moment when you first take the strands of lights out of the box and wonder how they got so tangled during the last 11 months.

    I've left a response to your comment on Jeanne's blog,

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Tirzah -
    Digital painting works for you. honest!
    And I would say, a bonus to your writing. I can think of a couple of places where you could combine these artistic talents.
    Carry on!