Sunday, July 24, 2011

MOCk-UPS for The PRomise

Version 1--not one of my favorites. The girl fades too much for my taste.

Version 2--no fire.

Version 3--girl is too dark and severe, I think. But perhaps that makes it spooky?

Version 4--Silhouette is too young. It's YA but not middle school. Or does it matter? I could change to an older silhouette I suppose.

Version 5--Expression is good but I wonder if this would still work if she were a redhead?

Version 6--My favorite but I worry the girl is too old.

These mock-ups are so April can compare concepts side by side. Personally I like version 6 best.


We'll see what April likes. This book is a YA book on a witch who may or may not have a destructive power. The main character is a redhead with gold eyes. But that can be edited.

What is your favorite?


  1. Im loving number 6. Defn number 6.

  2. Not too old?

    Oh if you need your cover upgraded to 300DPI, let let me know. Some self publishers want a higher DPI.



  3. Hi

    My favorite is 3: it made me feel spooked right away

    then 5
    and then 6. I don't think she's too old. Boy, when I look at my 15 year old granddaughters, I can't believe how "mature" the young teens are now!

  4. I kind of like the blond chick cover because it really jumps out at ya, but I think Cassie has dark hair.

  5. I could make it a reehead--- I love her expression. A lot m ore tension in that one. :)

  6. I like six, one, and two. Version three is too dark, and the girl looks deformed somehow. You're really getting good at these covers!