Saturday, July 2, 2011

Unused Book Titles (Annual Posting)

It's time for the annual listing of book titles that no one is using. Every year I hear the same complaint, that there are no new titles. So every year, I post a list of semi-humorous unused book titles.


The Star Slut and the Earthling
Dolphin Attacks and other Fishy Stories
Alphabet Chicks: In Search of the Big O
Nekkid and Lovin' It

A Clever Cleaver
Death of a Celibate
My Humps: Sexual Confessions of Clubber
Dirty Little Mother Humper
Muffy the Man Slayer
Little Man & the Big Vagina

A Gun In His Pocket
Bombs, Blowouts and Bad Hair Days
Pistol Whipped
Chaste Kisses and Control Freaks

Stiffed: The Dead Man Who Loved Me
Killing By Candlelight
Kill and Tell Me All About It

Head Over Kills

1 comment:

  1. Laughing. And laughing at this one. My fave? Hmmm a tough choice...maybe Little Man and the Big V OR Clever Cleaver..