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That's Not A Grace Period

I recently refinanced my house. I didn't want to do it. I tried everything I could to get out of it but in the end, I chose to continue eating.

My new mortgage bank, who shall remain unnamed here, sucks.

Their website requires two psychics and a techno-wizard to sign up for. I had to get up before work and call through their helpline four times to finally get to a person who could solve my problem with the sign in.

And then I discovered another sucky thing about them, they don't really have a grace period.

I get paid every two weeks, so sometimes my check and my mortgage will be a week apart which can get ugly. Because of the grace period at my last bank, I could fudge those other four days without penalty.

My new bank technically says it has a grace period but since it charges for, IT'S NOT A GRACE PERIOD. Yes, they don't turn it into the credit reporting agency but they still charge me money.

So as far as I'm concerned they have no grace period.

Okay I now I'm a whiny ass but I hate when people promise things and then loop hole their way out of it.

Oh it has the standard 20 dollar pay over the phone fee (which use to be five dollars, then ten and now is 20).

They also charge me a fee to pay online, on top of the grace period fee.

I might as well send it late by pony express, it'll add up to the same amount of cash.

But then they'll cc the credit agency. As the people get poorer, banks find new ways to get more money for nothing.
Thanks, I appreciate that.

My new bank...YOU SUCK.