Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update on My Life to my somewhat loyal readers

Do you realize that we see our dogs naked every day and they never have the grace to be embarrassed?

I guess if I could lick my crotch from a sitting position, I'd be cocky too.


Anyhoo, Fred (the puppy) is being a pest. He seems to think he's a siamese cat. He's on top of everything, usually the dog crate or the kitchen table. Weird dog. I'm thinking of supergluing him to the front lawn. Would that be wrong? Dunno.

I'm still working on book covers and website art for various people. I think I'm done with Angels at the Gate, although I'm not 100% happy with it. Wrath of Angels turned out so well but Gates is only so-so. Still, it amazes me what you can do without Photoshop.

I found a new free website creator that does FLASH sites. Super cool. I may have to write about that inbween the moments of my day. Probably.

Plum Crazy--is almost done. Less than eleven chapters of writing left to do!!! Practically done. LOLOL. This novel is the best and worst thing I've ever done.

New great-nephews and neices due this year. Really must I start taking loans out to pay for Christmas? Big families are expensive. Luckily my dogs only want my undivided attention and left over meat products.

Don't forget to post me a comment if you need help with a cover project for you ebook. It keeps me out of trouble. Sort-of.

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