Monday, October 31, 2011

Daughter of a Politician Cover

Photo Version

Bright Version

Dark Version

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Generic NANO Book Covers--for people still Plotting

Don't have a firm NANO plot yet? Me neither.

Even though the plot is still murky, you still want to load a novel cover up on NANO? I can help

Below are generic genre covers for your NANO projects.

Not for publication use.

To see some of the book specific covers done for people have a plot (yes darn them!!), click the link below.



These were created for writers on my NANO MOCK COVER GIVEAWAY...that runs the week before NANO.

To see the Giveaway, go to: Tirzah's NANO PERSONALIZED COVER GIVEAWAY

But if you just want an easy generic book cover, SCROLL DOWN.



Monday, October 24, 2011

NANO Free Cover projects--PICK UP

I'm creating these from public domain pictures and left over pictures. Normally I'd buy some cheap stock photos. It limits me some but I think these are turning out decent.



MUsic of the Damned

Winds of Danger

Parallel Loves--Ruth Madison

Joy 2

Joy 3

FOR KIRSTEN-- Faustus's Dog Version1

Kirsten DOG 2

Corsicanth Princess- Lisette

Off the Chain---KATE

Staying Alive--MB VERSION 1

Staying Alive-version 2 dark

MICHELLE--Doctor in Danger

An Eye in the Dark-- Stupidgirl


DEVOUR cover 1

Devour 2

Second Chances Ver 1

Second Chances Version 2

Second Chances Version 3--**May not be used for print projects.

PAULA-- Assassins Flute

Raising Monsters VERSION 1

Raising Monsters 2

Connected Visions

Under the Moon--C Leigh

Paranormal Investigations


Surreality LONGER FACE

Spiders on Statice Version 1

Spiders on Statice Version 2

ANGel and Demon Twins


Military Princess