Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to make a Werewolf...

If you've clicked on this link, I think this means you want to make a werewolf. :) Cool. Now there are more than one type of werewolf.

There are the scary types, the cartoon types and the ones that look more human.

I'm making a human looking one. :) Less muscles, less tail. I want to keep the humanity of it since my werewolf is for a shapeshifter novel, not a werewolf horror film. First find a man (or a woman). Wouldn't you mother was right. I need to find a man.

HERE IS MY MAN. Why did I choose him?

Well he had black and white background, it's easier to not have to worry about the background. I can easily find a wolf's head on a black background. This way when you blend, you won't need to worry about the trees, grass or buildings. Don't worry, you can always add those in later. Then I need a wolf's head.

I don't recommend you try to make a full body werewolf he first time. The face/neck will do nicely for practice. I chose this wolf because it has a good black background. It'll blend with my man background easily. Can you just layer one over the other? Sure but it'll look like crap. It's easier to use the cloning tool in to create a more designed werewolf. Instead, go to Load the man picture. Then click LAYERS then click ADD IMAGES. Load the wolf.

Resize the wolf to be slightly smaller than the man's head. You'll not want to make the eyes to be too far apart and if you make the wolf head too large. The eyes won't line up if you do. Then tilt the heads into the same direction of the photos. Save the two pictures side by side.

 Go to


 Yeah life was easier before Picnik was taken away from the company who shall not be named. But BLAH on them.

Upload the double photo of man/wolf.

Scroll down to the clone tool. It's on the table on the left.

Click the green circle on what you want to copy. Put the white circle on where you want it to be copied to. I really suggest you make the clone tool small. You want to do this in small pieces.

Second type, don't be afraid of the FADE functionality to adjust the hair opaqueness. Start on the chest. Best to start on the easiest places. Paint in the chest hair on the man from the ruff hair on the wolf. You can layer the hair to make it thicker. You can Fade to make the human skin show more. When you get it right on the neck/chest. Save. You will do the face in tiny pieces.

Next use the far outer hair on the sides of the wolf to layer hair on the cheeks of the man. Use the fade to get the layer between man and wolf. When you get it right then SAVE. Now for the hard parts. Starting at mid-nose on the man and between the eyes on the wolf. Paint the beautiful forehead coloring on the man's forehead and between the eyes.


Then line up the ears where you want them, clone them in. Blend the blackground using the CLONE tool. Save. Then the worst part...the nose.


Take the black nose and line it over the end of the man's nose, use the fade to find the right level of darkness. Expect to do it several times to get it the way you want it. That's why you do it last. You'll know when it' looks right.


Then go to Effects (looks like a magical star wand). Use bloom to soften the picture and vibrancy to make it brighter. set it to where you like it. SAVE again.

And now you have a werewolf.

 Okay, it's not perfect. But it is clearly a werewolf man and will work for a book trailer. Work for you? .