Monday, February 22, 2010

BlogTalk Radio

Have you ever wanted to host your own radio show?

Blog Talk Radio lets you listen, participate, or host your own internet radio show for free.

You know I develop the occasional technology, BlogTalk Radio is my latest one.

Have I hosted my own show yet?
Not yet but it's a possibility for the future. It's tempting to have your own show, now isn't it?

What do I do on BlogTalk Radio? I listen to an online poetry reading on Tuesday nights at 8pm. I participate in relationship debates on internet radio talk shows. I'm at times amused, sometimes irritated, other times amazed.

Some times I drop in on the psychic shows just to be amused, hah.

Do you have to sign up to use it?
You don't have to sign in to listen, you can just listen. I usually suggest starting with clicking the 'On Air' button and it'll show you three to seven pages of live shows. Some are awful, some are freaky, others are interesting. Keep trying different stations until you find one you like.

Most rooms start a chat room near the end of the show so you can post questions and talk to other listeners.

You can also call or Skype in.

What is Skype? It's a free Skype to Skype call. Skype is an online program you download where you can call other Skype people in the world for free. Sometimes the sound quality is bad, sometimes it's good. Video is possible but not required.

I'll talk about Skype again some other day.

Don't want to Skype? Just call into your show of choice using your cell phone.

Do you need to call in to listen?
No, you don't need to call in. If your computer has a microphone capability then you can listen to BlogTalk Radio. If you Skype, though, you'll need headphones.

If you don't have sound on your computer, call in using your cell phone. After 9pm, it should be free on most cell plans.

Anyway, BlogTalkRadio is fun. I hope to see your talk show posted soon.

How do I find the site?

Just click the link below:



  1. Hey, if you start your own radio show, I would be happy to listen and maybe contribute a writing segment. Just a thought. Have you asked others to listen or join?


  2. I haven't had time to think about content. Hopefully in April. Hopefully. I have no time until then unless I steal from sleep.


  3. if you ever need help with podcasting let me know... i have a bit of experience with podcasts.... they're so much fun to do and once you get into the groove it doesn't take that much time to put together

  4. Har! Fun! I couldn't possibly spare the time - but yes: I've always wanted to host my own radio show. My brother and I are hilarious together - though I'm the straight man. He pretty much mocks me and people laugh. Hey - it works! :P


    from the desk of a writer (I moved my blog! I'm at Wordpress now.)

  5. Hey, that is interesting. Did not know that. Thanks for the link.