Friday, September 2, 2011

Funny pictures because I have too much free time in the winter

Here are some funny pictures, sketches or just crap I created and thought would make you laugh.

Did you laugh?



Okay who doesn't need a shot of zombie lovers? I was screwing around with loving the undead and came up with this awhile ago. Should I not admit that?

This one as character art for a website but the author didn't like it. They wanted a magpie with people legs. I did a magpie with people legs. What can you do?

I had kitten pictures. Enough said.

One of my sketches I did forever ago. Let's just say that art school won't be calling me any time soon and begging me to attend but I liked it.

Same Kitty, Different approach. I was playing with my art features in my design program. I may have gotten a little carried away. Maybe.

I wanted to do a tiger. For some reason that says to me--dead body and a threat. I don't think I liked Frosted Flakes much as a kid because Tony the Tiger always seemed like a mob enforcer trying too hard to be nice.

My friends have a Chinese Pug named Reggie. Reggie likes chasing kitties but only kisses them if the catches them. So this Halloween, I made Vamp Reggie. I have lots of free time. :)

Like I said--Don't Touch My Kindle!

Well do they? Your pits? Do they smell?

No reason on this one.

Deer--Be a deer--please, step out in front of the car and stare at the headlights. Okay really bad, dark humor but I claim PMS and you can't prove anything different.

More free time with my zombie maker.

I sometimes use this one as my icon. Because if you haven't written or called or hung out with me---you must have been eaten by bears. Right?

Heather's cat, IVY, in a pissy mood.


  1. Did I laugh? You bet, especially since my husband and I are the personal servants to 12 rescue cats!

  2. DOgs have masters, cats have servants. Except for Fred. Fred is the dog of Satan.



  3. 1) maybe they didn't know what a magpie is, and 2) I love the tunnel cover but unfortunately it wouldn't go with any of my books. I'm a fellow campaigner back for a second look and I'll be back again.

  4. Hi Tirzah, Thanks for dropping by my blog, and I'm glad I stopped by yours tonight. Funny, wacky stuff. ...And on a deeper note, I like the concept of "forever ago."

    Fellow campaigner now following.

    P.S. My word verification is "procalys." I think that could be the problem with the cat. You might want to talk to the vet about it.

  5. Hee hee, I love cats. They have the best expressions.

  6. Cats, like Fred, can never be trusted with the code to the security system. :)