Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giveaway Cover 4 Letter Girl-(No Longer Available)

TAKEN!!--This giveaway cover has been accepted by a writer and is no longer available.

This cover has a letter/envelope torn open in the background with a pretty but sad African American girl/woman on the front.

It's subtle but I think it works almost as well as some of the bolder covers.

What type of Novel could it be used for?

Chick Lit, women's fiction, tragic romance or one of those sad, lost my man, hope to find myself novels. Is that also women's fiction? Sometimes I suppose.

Giveaway Rules: Must use the cover within six months. Must email me and let me know if you want the cover. The cover will be provided in 300DPI 6x9 JPEG. If you want to see all the other rejected covers, click the world 'rejects' under labels on the left of my blog.

The cover is offered as-is. The ONLY changes I will make are to add your title/author name.

Every two weeks or so a new rejected cover will be loaded up here. So check back for other covers for free.

Want your own custom cover? Just email me. E-book covers start at $25 bucks.



  1. Actually DAGNY said:

    Tirz's covers kick ass. She works with you until you are totally satisfied. I love my cover and recommend her to any author out there looking to sell their book.

  2. You are so sweet. I'll get the big head.


  3. Tirzah, this cover is hauntingly beautiful. Oh, how I wish I could use this for my historical YA set in the early days of the Civil War. The only thing is my book won't be published within the next six months, so I'd be able to use this only as part of my advance marketing campaign, e.g. on my blog, on my Facebook fan page, etc. Again, this is so perfectly beautiful, your talent is once again blowing me away.

  4. I actually had someone already email me about taking this one.

    But if you want one for the Civil War, I have a few others that could work that are 'rejects'.

    Let me know Michelle.