Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Visit me at....

Two different blogs this week. I'm running around like a fruit flying in mating season this month but that's no reason not visit some of my favorite blogs and find out more about what I do.

I should have posted these yesterday but the whole fruit fly thing again. :)

On the Character Depot, you can read an interview of me by J.L. Campbell and check out Joy's new short story collections. Both are killer, especially if you love Jamician stories. Well they are killer even if you don't like Jamacian stories. And if I spelled Jamacian wrong for the 115th time, please forgive me.

To get how-to links and info on her new book, visit Michelle Fayard on her blog, Bird's Eye View.

On Michelle's blog, you can hear about her new book and get links for my create your e-book cover design, tips for communicating with your designer and my personal favorite---talk to Michelle.


Stop in and visit!

Hugs and Chocolate Kisses....


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