Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Don't Care About Tiger Woods

I don't care about Tiger Wood's personal life and neither should you. His wife should care, his kids should care, probably his parents and his close friends should care. I'm a perfect stranger to the man and I have no right to get involved in his life.

So why I am writing about him? I'm sick to the death of people debating if he cheated or didn't cheat or if his wife will divorce him. Why is this our business? Because the man can play a decent game of golf?

Yes, he had a car accident after some sort of disagreement with his wife. He'll pay a fine for the wreck and that should be the end of it. But no, he has to have news reporters crawling through his garbage. People keep wanting to know more and more.

He's not a moral role model.

He's not a priest.

He's a really good golfer. He hasn't promised the public anything more than that and he kept that bargain.

If he cheated on his wife(and I don't know or care), this concerns his wife, his family, and his doctor. You see? I'm not on that list.

Why do people believe that because someone is vaguely famous that the public has the right to know everything about them including the results of their PAP smear or who they're diddling?


If he paid a hooker with company or government money, sure I might need to know that. But only about the public money for an illegal activity, not the sex.

This isn't the case here.

If he was molesting kids, that I would need to know because it's a safety issue. The same thing if he was a rapist.

This isn't the case here.

He's an ordinary man with rather ordinary problem.

And it's none of our business.

A friend of mine claims since Tiger supposedly lied about the car accident, this makes it fair game for public debate. I say he had no obligation to tell the public anything. The police, he had to give the facts to, yes. I'm not a cop, are you?

I'm sure they'd arrest him if he did something illegal.

Since I'm not a cop on the case, it's still not my business.

And who wouldn't omit the fact of a family argument from a police report when you know that report will be made public? The accident facts are the same without that argument info.

Honestly, leave the man and his family alone. If he needs his ass kicked, his wife will do it.

And if she fails at that job, there's always his second wife.



  1. My sentiments exactly. I've always seen America as a rather permissive society, so I don't understand the furor when public officials or movie stars or sporting figures cheat. I understand that illegal activities will stir public interest and people feel they have to know what it's all about.

    But movie stars, entertainers and sports personalities are also ordinary mortals -- just like everybody else. The fact that someone is a public official doesn't mean they don't have feet of clay like the rest of us. If he was a pastor I would have a problem with him, but who cares what he does in his private life?

    I certainly don't.

  2. I couldn't agree more. Also, why is it that bad news gets more publicity? What about celebrating the happy couples and good news in the world? Why does 'news' always have to be based around negative emotions? It doesn't. That's one of the reasons why I blog. To put some balance in the world. Good things do happen but the media doesn't like you to know that.