Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I should probably be mad

I know I should be upset but I'm not. And no, I don't have a Superman sort of cool that allows me to shrug off nuclear blasts. It's just that I can't seem to care.

About what?

What else? Money.

I'm working once again with a company I once worked with for over seven years. Believe or not, I'm a sale rep. Which if you knew me, would be hilarious. I started back here at the old TL in February. My new territory was in the toilet. Way down in the toilet, beyond the sewage pipe in the yard-- toilet bad.

I drug it kicking and screaming toward positive numbers. I brought it right up to the borderline for hitting goal. It was all coming down to my e-sales which I can't view. So I'm depending on the big bosses to know if I hit goal.

No word from them. Part of that is that my immediate boss quit to take a different job. And I went from a perky, slightly absent woman to a polo wearing-spider tattoo man with a military hair cut. No difference at all. None. Absolutely the same.


So supposedly pay-outs are on December 18th of this month.

I still have no idea if I hit goal and if I did how much I will get.

No one knows.

The other reps are foaming at the mouth.

They want their money for Christmas gifts.

If they didn't hit then they want to know because the new year (starting in August)is half done. Plus we can't get our new goals until we find out if we hit the old one.

You see? Frustrating.

I should be pissy as a bear with a bladder infection.

But I just can't seem to care.

The big bosses will do what they want. If they've spent this much time stroking the numbers, I'm not sure how accurate it will be anyway.

No worries.

My foaming at the mouth doesn't get me anywhere any sooner.

I guess I'll just wait until the 18th and see if I actually get any bonus money.

What do you want to bet the pay out is delayed?


Oh well, I hate shopping anyway.

Don't you love corporate America?


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