Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Public Shower...Embarrassed

My most embarrassing moment occurred when I was a teenager. I was taking one of those marathon showers that pissed my mother off when I heard the horrifying sound of the door lock popping open.

The door swung inward and my elderly father (already in his late 70’s) wandered in wearing white long-johns. He blinked at the bright light but thankfully hadn't noticed me, naked, behind the clear glass shower doors.

Mortified, I started to call out to him to let him know that I was in the shower but what if he looked over and saw me, you know, naked?

Unfortunately, he whipped out his willy and started peeing. Gross, no fifteen year old girl needs her first look at a real penis to be her father’s ancient one. That’ll put a girl off sex for life.

Blushing furiously, I was deeply relieved when he closed his pant's flap and started to leave the bathroom. Then, he hesitated, leaned out the door and yelled, “George, do you hear water running?”

George, my mother, showed up at the door with two of my brothers, my uncle and one of my sisters. They all peer in and see me, in the shower, without clothes. God, I begged, please let me die now.

“Oval, can’t you see she’s taking a shower?”

I’m bright red and trying to cover myself with nothing but a wash cloth when my dad answers, “Who?”

From that day on, I could take a shower in under 3 minutes.


  1. Wow, that was so disturbing. I don't know which though: your father's willy or you naked.

    Thanks for sharing. (smile)