Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm Just Not That Interesting

It's true. I'm not that interesting. I curled up at my desk at work, out of Diet Mt. Dew, and thinking to rattle off a fun little blog post before I escape to my freezing house in redneck land.

It's warmer here and I'm done for the day so I'll write here rather than go home first.

But I realized I'm boring, lackluster, dull, beige, a faceless corporate cog.

And I'm tired and I have to pee. Okay, okay TMI but I wanted you to get the picture. I live a horrendously ordinary life. Today, at work I spent three hours dividing up territory schools for bookstore calls. Which is exciting except when you understand that 90% of my group will never make the said bookstore calls.

Then I registred for my virtual training classes. BLah.

Then I deleted said classes and reregistered.

Then, realized I dupliated a class.

Deleted it, then rearanged the courses.

I'm one short.

Said screw it and now I'm taking Digital Selling twice.

It's okay, I'll bring a Diet Mt. Dew and a doodle pad.

Really, can life get much more boring than that?

I did have a 40 minute conversation on Angel shells for online courses. I faked most of it.

Somewhere out there in the world someone is gambling away their life savings in Vegas, several people are getting laid (some of them even enjoying it), some are picking the kids up from the sitter.

What am I doing?

Cleaning my drawers for change to buy a Diet Mt. Dew.

I need to get a life.

And I will, as soon as I figure out what kind of life I want.
Until then, I'm going blog about nothing.

And you can't stop me.

Na Na Na Na Na




  1. For someone not that interesting, the blog had me reading until the end. Well, maybe that just says alot about me and my interestingness.


  2. I was just reading some killer blogs and I realized in comparison, I had nothing to say. LOL.


  3. You know who you are now? ... the Seinfeld of the blog world. I'd say that's pretty darn great!! That show was a huge hit, and it was known as the show about nothing. However, I always felt it was about something, and so was this post! Doralynn

  4. Hah, I met Seinfield once. I thought he'd be bigger.


  5. Ah, this is a great post. It's funny but it's also interesting. You life is interesting to me because it is totally different. It might be familiar to you because you live it all the time - but to me it is fresh and interesting. You may bore yourself but you haven't bored me :)

  6. Everyone says they're boring (well except for the people on reality tv) and I guess I am but I'm blogging anyway.



  7. Holy crap, I just found your site and I think I may have hit humor paydirt! This post is great, looking forward to checking out the rest of your stuff!