Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Giveaway Covers?

Well Bunnies,

It's almost time to have my 3 month fire sale again. All those lovely rejected covers that I sweated over will be offered as-is to the public at dirt low prices.

But before I offer them up again, I thought I'd ask...would you buy a discarded cover? I mean I've edited, shaped, shined these covers but for whatever reason---they weren't the final picture chosen.

Should I continue to give them away? What I hate is for them not to be used. But I was told that giving them away for nothing devalues the work that went into them. Ah well, I will never earn that business degree. :)

But I hate the idea of all that work for nothing.

I do ask those who take a cover to only do so if they plan to use it within six months. Otherwise you'd remove it from the pool and perhaps not even use it if the project falls through.

But do I offer these covers for FREE again as I have in the past? Do people really devalue anything free?

Some of these like the Alternative Said/Unsaid Cover are really cool---the man walking into the distance.

Some are cheesy as all get out.

I did what the original author wanted.

Here is a random sampling of the discards:

Should I just hit delete? I have over 20 discarded covers that range from weird to wonderful. But does anyone really want someone else's vision even if they changed their mind?

And YES I'd remove the title/author on the cover and put your NEW AUTHOR TITLE ON IT but no other changes.

Should I clean up and offer all 27 covers for free to the random viewing public?

I dunno.



  1. The possibility exists that someone will come along, not be sure what they're looking for and really like one of your covers. You never know. Keep them for a while. It can't hurt.

  2. WOOPS!

    Tirz, I meant to say its YOUR call, (not OUR call) regarding paying for covers.

    Good grief! So sorry, just about hung myself when I saw that stupid typo.

    So Sorry Irene