Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blogger Awards

Okay, I admit it. I'm terrible about adding these bloggie award things to my blog. I had a few on my blog but never put them back when I redesigned a while back. I like them, I just never know quite where to put them.

Still I love getting them. I'm an enigma. HAHAHA

The Liebster Award is for blogs with under two 200 followers. I got it from Jeanne Bannon and her cool blog, Beyond Words.

Fun interviews, informative info on publishing. Check her out.

At the end of the email, I list five new winners of the LIEBSTER AWARD.

The BLOG on Fire Award--For those hottie blogs everyone should visit.

I got this award from a blog I read all the time, the Bird's Eye View. It's is a blog that makes you feel like your being invited to all these cool publishing and writer lunches to ask questions. Visit her and have a conversation with people you wish you'd met.



THE BLOG ON FIRE AWARD goes to Clarissa Draper. I love this blog. Where else can I read about novel poisons (ignore my pun) and burn phones. It's a must stop shop for mystery and murder writers. Oh hell, it's a must stop for most writers. She's an endless fount of information for writers.


LIBESTER AWARD--for blogs with under 200 followers who deserve more.

The rules say I have to give this to five bloggers with 200 and less followers who deserve more. There are so many great blogs to choose from.

I'd give one to Jeni Decker but she already got one so she's just screwed this time. :) But I couldn't resist giving it to her partner in crime, Kat Nove.

Kat's blog is irreverent, a little dirty and completely off it's rocker. Yeah I made a pass at her but since we are both straight women, we decided to just exchange warm regards instead.

1) KAT NOVE in America on
Her new book, Waiting for Karl Rove (written with Jeni Decker) is available on, it's a witty satire that will make you snort, laugh and pee your pants a little.

2) Lani in SAMOA--- I found Lani's website through my cover side business. I get a bit of everything including the flavor of Samoa, the joy of raising five kids (or is that the challenge) and her funny little life comments. VISIT SAMOA, drop in on her blog. Her new book Telesa will be publishing soon...fiction on a girl from a long line of volcano fire women. A scorcher.

3) J.L. Campbell at the Character Depot lets me visit Jamaica. Come and see street shots of the real Jamaica, get interviews with writing, marketing and publishing there is a win a KINDLE contest. :))

4) Heather, a local girl for me her in the US, she writes the FOOD HUSSY. Her blog is a mix of restaurant reviews, quick cooking recipes and life commentary. Heather is addicted to local dives and independent food joints. You'll get reviews of places like the Blue Bird Diner in Cincinnati OH or pizzerias in Iowa. It's one part road trip, one part resturant reviews and one part quick cooking. Delicious reading...

5) Mindy's blog--because I love Mindy. :) She's so bouncy...JUST LIKE ME!!! . She is in Canada but I've forgiven her for not living closer to me. :) Her current blog is on movie reviews and a little writing thrown in. Mindy is always a trip.

So there you go. My Liebsters.

My Blog on Fire Award I'm exhausted.

Here is a brand new BLOG AWARD...the WILD BLOG AWARD.

It's for blogs that are brand new and are changing the world of blogging by being exciting, different or a game changer...just like a Class 4 Weather change.


  1. How cool! Thanks so much. I'll post it on my blog next week.

  2. Thanks, Tirz. I need to check out some of these other bloggers and also come over here more often.

  3. Thank you! I love it when people do these blog award things because I get to discover other blogs to stalk and have great time with. So buzzed to be getting one this time, Yaaaaaay!

  4. Tirzah, your shout out about Bird's-eye View is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said; thank you! I've saved it to read the next time I get a rejection letter. :)

    I'm hopping over now to the blogs you recommended. Have a great weekend!