Sunday, August 7, 2011


Alternate Tree Version

Theme 1 Color in Sepia


Vote for which theme you prefer for a poetry series. The simple colored trees where each volume is another color or the Sepia photos with one item colored in. Which would make you pull the book off the shelf and buy? It should also be easy to make into a multi-volume series.



  1. I like the red chair one. And then maybe further series/books could have same pic but a diff colored chair ...

    I dont like the trees. It doesnt stand out on the shelf. The road is okay and the building one looksa little depressing.

  2. I would love the third one for my own book! It's lovely! Agree with previous commenter.

  3. I like the mood that changes with the trees and the colors. I'm partial that set.


  4. I love the chairs. The picture grabs me. It also makes me think of being different. - Like standing in a crowd of people and being the only unique one.

    Did not care for the trees theme. It is nice, but does not grab me in the way the chair and road did.

  5. Hi!

    Welcome home.

    I like the colored trees best, with changing the color for each book in the series.

    The chairs would definitely catch the attention of the "browser."

    The road is intriguing in that it would entice a "browser" to take a second look.

    Hmmmmm. Still like the trees best.

  6. One thing I forgot to mention in my first comment. My first reaction to the chairs was 'East Coast--Atlantic City.' My reaction to the road was 'Sunday drives' with the family. The trees were more universal for me.