Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Blogger Awards

Back in early January, I got a 'Lovely Blog Award' from Ann Altman's Blog and that tickled me pink.

Now, I get to pass the same Award to ten new blogs I've discovered.

But as usual, my life got in the way.

Yesterday, I got a Happy 101 Blog from my dear friend, Corra.

And today, I got a Happy 101 Blog from Tony Anders.

This tells me I should really start giving back. There are so many wonderful, fun blogs out there. Most of the time they keep me from going a bit maddy-donk in the brain. Maddy-donk is being a mad jackass, by the way.

So to be different...I have a new blog award for cheery, optimisitc, fun blogs.

This Blog Award is given to:

Secret to Success--Bloggers supporting bloggers

Uplift Antidote--Uplift Antidote, a blog devoted to learning how to be happy.

--Artisan of the Evolving Spirit --Tony does his best to make the blogging world a place to better yourself.

Criminal Movies--Brent's blog is my favorite movie discussion site. If you like a classic film with edge, go here.

Ignorance is Unauthorized --the posts are short but interesting. There is something so 'real' about this blog. Every time I go there, I feel like I've visited a friend. A friend who has a big screen, good cartoons, and a full fridge.

All Right With Coffee--Ann's blog is a rich collection of books, writing material, and friendship.

From A Writer's Desk
--my dear Corra, her blog makes me a bit envious. Each blog elegantly written about writing.

Wiggy's Words of Wisdom--stop in and get your weekly dose of destiny. Wiggy is a both social historian and humorist. Laugh and learn.

Kat Novian--Did you bring a change of underwear? You'll need one. FUNNY!

Closet Space Musings
---Jeni's blog like her novel is wrong is the best way.

Mindy's Writing Life--No one has more heart than Mindy and her blog proves that every day.

HAPPY BLOGGERS, one and all!

Other Blog Awards you can hand out:



  1. Thanks for the mention. I'm gonna go and look at those blogs you mentioned.

  2. Aw, thank you, bunny! xx

    I'll put this on my awards page immediately with a link back to you, then announce my picks later in the week.

    Appreciate it! :)

    ~ Corra x

  3. Thanks Tirz, I appreciate you reading what I'm doing. I always love your comments.(and your posts here on your own blog too)

  4. Thanks so much for the great list, I now have a few more blogs to read and watch :)


  5. OH, I loved penguins! I will post the award on my blog this afternoon.


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  7. I do have a big screen (52 inches), good cartoons (Burlesque Betty Boop and politically incorrect Looney Tunes. ha!.), and a full fridge (still on a diet, shit. sigh). LOL

    Didn't I already tell you with all the healthy junk in my fridge, I'm going to make sure and hide the bread when you visit. LOL

    Mais, Merci beaucoup mon ami! (And in 1, 2..Tirz's ego grows 3 inches in diameter..) Your blog is one of my faves. lol

  8. Thanks Tirzah. And it goes likewise - you know I'm a big 'fan' of yours. Woo hoo! :)


    I have to run out the door but you have made my week!