Monday, January 11, 2010

Writing With Passion

One of the keys to good writing is to write with passion. Passion is a gift. It makes readers follow your words and look for your name. So many people now write from the head and not the heart.

To get readers attention, you have to hook their attention.

In the cyncial world of now, people roll around in their apathy like a dog in crap and most of them are happy to be there. They don't care, they aren't happy, they aren't sad. The buggers aren't even angry. If you can't get sad or mad then you need to lower the dose because the meds are working too well.

It's okay to feel what you feel.

It's okay to rant and laugh and scream a bit.

It's okay to care.

When you care, your writing has bite. And that's what a reader wants. They want to be interested. They want to care or laugh. Hell, they even want to be mad enough to call you an asshole. Writing should inspire something in your reader.

The writing might make them think about their life, it might make them giggle hysterically. Perhaps it makes them throw the book across the room and yell 'idiot' at the book cover.

A book with passion will always inspire something.

The worst thing you can do as a writer is write something that only inspires apathy.

How do you make your writing passionate?

Choose topics that hit your hot buttons. You know what your hot buttons are. Maybe it's the teacher at school who refuses to follow your child's IEP. Perhaps it's the chick in the drive-thru that consistantly gives you the wrong order. Maybe it's the humor in every situation that excites you.

Have a logical argument about health reform? Be passionate and clear and I'll listen. Because passion is addictive. When you care as a writer, the reader starts to care as well.

But remember how I said passion is one key to good writing? The other key is editing. Write with your heart, edit with your head. Write your article or blog, let your heart spill itself all over the page. Then set it aside for a couple of hours.

Take a walk. Play with the dog. Cook dinner.

Then come back to your article and read it again. Use your brain to build in facts to back your argument. Make sure you're being passionate but not doing a mindless rant. Okay, a mindless rant can be fun sometime, just make sure your idea isn't lost in the energy.

If you can join fact with passion, then everyone will want to read what you write.

Now if I could just follow my own advice.




  1. Great blog. I agree, you have to put passion in your work because your readers can sense whether you have it or not.


  2. Ms Tirzah I am somewhat spooked by your choice of picture today. Why, I came across that very same picture yesterday and was admiring its beauty. How strange is that?

    I think passion of any kind infuses work with a special kind of energy that can linger, if not pulsate, for centuries to come.

    Think of all those great works of art and writing that, though created hundreds of years ago, still reach people today.

    And no I'm not talking about Mona Lisa because I've never liked that picture. She looks miserable and the colours are drab!

    Rock on sweet Tirzah. :)

  3. Ann--So true. Passion shows.

    Jacqui--Mona Lisa is creepy. Like a picture of George Washington with a chest and brown hair dye.

    I know you can't always write in your passions but it sure does help.

    I recorded one of my poems yesterday and I was looking for bluebell and light images...that picture popped up. LOL.


  4. "the pen is mightier than the sword"

    Great tips, thanks for sharing.


  5. i have always said "I don't write - "it" writes", meaning the "something inside of me" that calls for pen to be put to paper or fingers to keys. I notice when I "try" to be witty or inspiring, the trying intercepts the doing, and it often falls flat. Passion truly is the fuel that drives the art of writing. Thanks for your fuel!

  6. I so agree, writing from the heart and well written characters do an enjoyable read make.

  7. Doesn't every one have to take their own advice? lol

    The thing is though, there are so many people who type their blog online because:

    A. They're not a writer, the newer generation has practically forgotten how to use a pencil outside of school.

    B. They need to just type every f'ing thing that they're thinking whether it's boring, mindless or tragic. They just want it out of their heads, no readers necessary.

    C. They do want the traffic and want people to be involved with what they have to say, because well, they want to be heard.

    I would say great advice to the "C." people, let's face it there's a whole lot of them. Unfortunately, 80% of them write sh*t and then there's you. lol The decent 20% giving the others advice. Then when they try to take it, their material is worse because it's usually fake and unappealing. LOL