Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Love My Grippos Potato Chips

If you don't live in the tri-state area (Ohio, KY, IN), you've probably never had a Grippo BBQ potato chips. You are missing out. When you get a perfect bag, it's bliss. I want to cram every one of those salted beauties into my mouth before someone else gets one. My brother actually has them shipped to Texas. They are tasty with a capital T.

Sometimes, though, you get a bad batch.

The seasoning is too heavy, the garlic/onion is over done. This is usually when they've loaded a new batch of seasoning to the machine. This means the bag is inedible and so will ever other bag you try to buy. The best thing to do is wait it out, about two to three weeks for the seasoning to even out.

These really are delicious, crunchy chips. Not too oily. They don't smell of peanuts. They are addictive.

Mmm...I need a bag.

The BBQ are spectacular. The plain are boring. The Dill chips are just odd and hard to find. But if you want a BBQ chip that isn't too sweet (like Lays BBQ) or too hot like many other brands, this one will make you happy. But don't eat their plain chips, they are dull, dull, dull.

Other chips are okay. Lays are nice and salty but a bit oily. Ruffles have an aftertaste but give good crunch. Doritos smell a bit like feet and stain everything orange. And Mike-Sells just suck.

But for a good BBQ chip, you have to go Grippo.


  1. I am from Ohio and agree with you! Also do not know if you have ever partaken in Mike-sells? They are kind of the same... but thanks for your observation... it takes me back!

  2. I detest Mike-Sells. My sister forgets and gets them for me so gift them back to her. She likes Mike-Sells but she doesn't eat carbs so it's a twofer. She's happy and tortured when she gets them back.


  3. I haven't heard of any of those crisps except Dorritos which are orange, but very good for dipping. I'd love to eat a bag with houmous, but I've been banned from that because it gives me flatulence (not a good look!). We have Walkers as the main brand over here. And their portions get stingier and stingier all the time. McCoys are okay though, crinkle cut and chunky. And then cheesy quavers! Only last a second, but I love them!

  4. I'd mail you a bag Jacqui--but then you'd get addicted and be trying to borrow air fare to come and get a few more bags over her. My brother has be ship them to Texas to a PO BOX then he smuggles them into his house. His wife is a health nut and won't let him have them.

    He also keeps Pepsi in his car trunk. LOL. SHould I tell him that she hides chocolate peanut butter cups in her underwear drawer? Nah, why take the mystery out of ther 25 year marriage.

  5. I moved to Cincinnati about five years ago. I don't mind Skyline chili and love goetta, but I just can't come around to liking these things. I've tried Grippo's twice and both times I was totally unimpressed. The seasoning was unbearable and tasted nothing like barbeque. Maybe I just got a bad batch?

  6. I've had trouble getting a good bag the last few months myself.

    But I think with Grippos, it's if you grew up with them.

    As for Cincinnati, if you ever get to Northern KY, down by mall road...go to Mai Thai restaurant. Great food if you like Thai.

    If you are looking for good food, check Food Hussy's blog of the best places to eat in Cincinnati. She loves all kinds of places you've never heard of. She's listed on Urban Spoon.


  7. I love grippo chips, have since i was a little girl,now im 48. I've been married for 32 yrs and introduced them to my husband after a trip to my dads who lives in KY. He loves them too. We now ordre them on line since we live in GA and cant buy them here. hope they NEVER stop making these chips.

  8. I am 44 and grew up eating grippos, I live in va, now and can't get them here, so I get them when I go back to ky, ole home place, or I get my sister sherry to ship me some grippos, red hots, ( pickled Bologna and of course some big red soda and some ale 8. But to me grippos rock!! I've never ever had a bad batch.

  9. I am from Cincinnati, i joined the military in 05 from that time on i have been having them mailed to me all over the world. lol!!! even after the bag has been crushed by some pissed off postal or UPS worker there is nothing like opening a "good bag". you know the one with extra powder on everyone. Damn!!!