Thursday, October 20, 2011

Book Trailer--Where to Pimp Your Book

Okay, you have this great book trailer, perhaps even created by me. I love creating book trailers. You have your trailer finished. It is so GOOD. You make your family watch it 37 times. Your friends have all hit Like on Facebook.

But do you do with it now? I'm going to talk about different places to post your trailer below.

I haven't tried all of these but I hope you find a use for them. A trailer doesn't help if you don't show it to people you DON'T know.

Places to Take Your Trailer:

1) YouTube duh...You have to put it on YouTube.

2) Pimp it out on and talk it up on Facebook and Twitter. If you don't have a FB, you'll need to get a book page. You just have to have one. Twitter you don't have to have if you have others who have twitter but your book MUST be twitted about even if you yourself don't do it.

3) Blazing Trailers --- Post your trailer, watch other trailers, enter a contest. A trailer site for grown-ups.

4) Book Trailer Matinee -- Remember I told you FB? Well this is a trailer spot on Facebook. You should post. You should post. Have you posted yet? Hah.

5) BookScreening --Unfortunately, BookScreening isn't accepting new trailers at the moment. It is still a great resource and ideas site. Hopefully they'll open up again soon.

6) Book Trailers --Free site to view and put up your trailer. Has a bit more commercial feel than Book Screening.

7) Preview the Book -- Never used this one but what the heck, it's free.

8) Post Your Book Trailer --This one is YA only and I don't think it's active at the moment. The Trailer Yard might be a better fit.

9) Goodreads...Your book should be on there and so should your trailer. :)

10) Revver --Not just book trailers. Sort of a knock-off YouTube.

11) Authors Den--you can link on there to your video.

12) VEOH --another YouTube knock-off with an emphasis on movies and tv shows.

13) The Creative Penn --Okay this isn't where you can post your trailer but it does talk about how to market yourself using trailers and other media.

14) Google Videos--Google is the YouTube/Facebook version of the future.

15) Work your friends and other writers. Can you get your blogger friends to feature your video on their blog or site?

16) YA Book Shelf -- she'll review your book with your trailer if she likes it.

17) Book Trailer Thursday-YA LOVE ---Seems to prefer traditionally published books but you can ask..they may or may not feature your book.

What places am I missing?

18) From Jeanne Bannon (author of INVISIBLE)-- YA TRAILER PARK This one I've heard of and many have said that it's a great site. I couldn't find the thank you Jeanne for finding it for me. Jeanne has a book on there called Invisible...check it out. YA (YOUNG ADULT) only.


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