Thursday, October 6, 2011

Apryl's latest Awakening cover

The truth is I don't think this cover will have enough romance for Apryl. She wants a sad, romantic, beautiful cover.

I've got a beautiful girl...but that's it.


But it is visually interesting to me.

The girl has a great face. I like that she's looking back. I had to repaint the eye. The original picture, you couldn't see her shirt and she was looking forward. I actually reduced the volume of her hair, I made the eye look backward instead of forward and to the right.

I then painted in her neck and part of her shirt.

Then I took that picture and laid it over the picture of back ground arch/cemetery.

Once I had that, I cleaned up the picture edges, cropped it, and darkened it overall.

To be honest, I like it.

I really do. But I still don't think that's what the author wanted though.


I'm having trouble finding arty, romantic, sad, tormented girls what aren't weird or too sexualized.

Here are two that are slightly more romantic feeling but I'm not excited about them as much as the dark one.

Alternate Version


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